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For a Most Extraordinary Woman she does not read the stuff and I admire her all the more for that to separate oneself is to create distance to walk past used car lots and know that you have been used in the same way to sleep beside the same man for forty […]

via Poetry Collection by Ryan Quinn Flanagan — SICK LIT MAGAZINE

man and the world


Its true that poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling. these feelings emanate from tranquility. poetry is the presentation of feelings, poets(ess) normally externalizes their internal.

William Wordsworth wrote about these in his poems. For example he writes a poem ”I wondered lonely as a cloud”, The solitary leper” and the like. there fore I can feel his sense the way William tries to connect nature and the man. Actually poetry is all about externalizing our internal.



                      DEVELOPMENT AND DEMOCRACY……………….Karl marx



What do you think you be there first between development and democracy?, which one leads to the other?, is democracy promote development or development promotes democracy?.

In my view, ”Democracy promote development, thus we should secure democracy in order to prosper. Developing countries are poor and dependents  their country do not secure democracy. When democracy exists,  people will produce freely for their lives and the development of the nation. Civil wars, threats, dictatorial regime and lack of adherence to constitution( mother law) wont brings about development.

Marx once said, proletariats should fight  to return their lost rights. low class should posses the means of production, they should be well paid,equal sharing of resources between individuals and fighting against tyrannical regime that suppress the low class.  Most of African countries, their regime are tyrannical, there is no democracy and people are insecure to produce fearing wars……………………………………..next time.